EJ Total Staffing A Premier Management Recruitment Firm Specializing in the Restaurant, Retail and Hospitality Industries

A Premier Management Recruitment Firm Specializing in the Restaurant, Retail and Hospitality Industries

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EJ Total Staffing is a Nationwide Staffing and Recruitment Firm

We specialize in providing our client companies with skilled individuals who will contribute to their growth and profitability in the Restaurant, Retail and Hospitality industries. In addition, we provide high-quality opportunities to jobseekers who benefit by using our service because of our strong relationships with Restaurant and Retail companies throughout the United States.

Our knowledgeable staff and unparalleled customer service in the recruitment industry drives our success. Through hard work, dedication, experience, accessibility and exceptional communication, we have proven we are the staffing firm to call when you require dedicated and trained employees.

We make a genuine effort to build lasting relationships by helping candidates fulfill their career aspirations and better match their skills and knowledge with specific company needs.

Job Seekers

Benefits of using our recruitment firm

  • We have established relationships with Fortune 500 companies and other well-known firms
  • We have strong networks with Restaurant and Retail companies throughout the United States
  • Fees are never charged to you, the hiring company pays all fees

Very often large companies have more money and less time to spend finding talented candidates for open positions. "Fortune 500s frequently hire staffing companies because they afford them a greater deal of efficiency for a minimal cost.” Contacting EJ Total Staffing may be the best way to get your foot in the door!

EJ Total Staffing offers our candidates the advantage of having a partner in their job search. Working with EJ Total, job seekers can learn about opportunities they might not be able to find on their own. Through our connections in the business community, EJ Total Staffing often knows about openings before they are advertised or posted. Additionally, EJ Total can help enhance your résumé and interviewing skills.

Often, job seekers are focused on finding a job only within their specific area or skill set. They may fail to recognize the transferable skills they possess for another type of job within a closely related industry. EJ Total can assist job seekers in identifying their strengths, along with how to successfully communicate those attributes to a prospective employer. Job seekers may learn about unknown opportunities in industries they haven't looked at before. Many times EJ Total is able to find a Retail Manager a fantastic position in a well known Restaurant Company and Vice-Versa!

According to a recent study, eight percent of job seekers are under the impression that there will be costs to the candidate to utilize a staffing or recruiting firm. At EJ Total Staffing – all fees are paid by the hiring company. EJ Total Staffing never charges a fee to the candidate seeking employment! If you are a Retail, Restaurant or Hospitality Manager looking for a fantastic career opportunity, please submit your resume to EJ Total Staffing.


Benefits of using our recruitment firm

  • We Specialize in the recruitment of middle and upper level management for the Restaurant, Retail and Hospitality industries
  • Our representatives have assisted many of the most well known companies find literally thousands of qualified individuals to contribute to their growth and profitability
  • We are committed to helping your company find top-notch talent -- our goal is to find the right fit for your organization

With an extensive amount of Retail and Restaurant Recruiting experience, our team is able to match the right candidates with the right companies.

We are committed to helping companies succeed. Our team constantly adapts to the conditions of the ever-changing labor market in both the restaurant and retail industries. EJ Total Staffing provides first-rate management search assistance and offers unparalleled customer service. Today, EJ Total Staffing not only services the United States, but conducts Restaurant and Retail searches on an international basis as well.

EJ Total Staffing continuously expands its database of qualified individuals as well as client companies represented. We keep up with all industry trends and have our fingers on the pulse of the entire Restaurant, Retail & Hospitality sectors. No other management-recruiting firm is more committed to excellence than EJ Total Staffing. We will continue to set the standard of excellence and provide our clients with the most effective recruiting service obtainable.

If you are looking for Restaurant, Retail & Hospitality Personnel and would like unrivaled quality and customer service, call us today at (631) 424-6982.

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